Day 167 Mile 167: Epic adventure run with added bull!

Day 167 Mile 167: Epic adventure run with added bull! It’s not often that you realize how lucky you are, but today I have also become aware of how fortunate I have been! What started off, and remained an astoundingly beautiful run in the countryside after work, quickly became quite eventful.

I will point out from the start that I did not know the route, having just seen something like a triangular route on the map not far off the beaten track on my way home from work and decided to try it.

To start with the route went through a farm, and yes I was greeted and followed for a good way by the obligatory farm dog; trailing a few feet behind me I couldn’t quite tell if it was simply along for the ride or looking for an opportunity for a nip when my back was turned. I was more than a little relieved when it was whistled for.

The path out of the farm consisted of large loose cobble stones which threatened to twist the ankle at almost every step before delivering me into a field of cows and a rather inquisitive bull. Nothing went amiss but after the dog incident my nerves were already slightly jangly and looking for a wall to be able to jump over just in case!

Soon I came to the edge of the fields by a stone wall overlooking a river and found that I was about 100m too far west for the break in the wall. Upon finding it the path across the river was overgrown, with the bridge concealed down a bank behind a bush and granting access to a gate on the far side where the brambles were taller then me.

Stepping gingerly through this (I still have thorns in my hands as I type!) I came into a marshy field full of sedge grass and was mightily relieved to reach the road on the far side.

One reaching the road I ran downhill easily reflecting on how this had actually been great fun in a particularly contrary way and how it was great to be moving more freely again when a huge black fly flew into my mouth and lodged between my tongue and lower right molar.

I think I have done my bit for today, if you fancy sponsoring me please do as I feel I’ve earned it with this one!

I’m running a mile each day everyday for 2017. If you feel you can sponsor me please do, as all the money raised will go to the Cleft Lip & Palate Association (CLAPA) who provide services all across the UK to support people affected by it.

Distance: 2180.8 meters recorded

(1 mile = 1609.34 m.)

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Thanks as ever for all the support!



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