Day 145 Mile 145: “I never could get the hang of Thursdays”

20170524_195635Day 145 Mile 145: “I never could get the hang of Thursdays”. May the 25th is traditionally the day when the life and works of Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Dirk Gently, Doctor Who etc…) are celebrated. It is a little known fact that in 2001 Adams and the BBC started working on a real world, earth edition of the Hitchhiker’s Guide which can still be found at On considering a run for today I looked up our village and lo and behold it was contained within, complete with wonderful Adams-esque humor and concision.

Penmaenmawr: A small gathering of dwellings, hastily thrown together by a bunch of miners, in the middle of the coastline of North Wales.

The prime reason for Penmaenmawr being created was to facilitate the removal of large chunks of dirt from the mountain, to be transported to other parts of the world that obviously were lacking in the dirt stakes.

Upon the mountain that overshadows Penmaenmawr reside many deranged sheep, who dine seasonally upon Liberty Cap mushrooms and spend the summer trying to eat unwary tourists.

The people of Penmaenmawr are mildly less deranged than the sheep.

All in all, a pleasant place if you are slightly mad.  

So I took myself and a towel from the small gathering of dwellings up the mountain to see the sheep and tried to remember not… to… panic!

It was a lovely little run. A glorious day is forecast but the village itself is still shrouded in sea mist which adds to the sense of other-worldly adventure as water droplets twinkle in the air back-lit by the low eastern sun. Winding up through the park past the ornamental flowers the sky is clearing over the hills as the route ducks back down under the trees and winds up. Up we go, following the river although mercifully not all the way up the mountain, under the leaning trees and past prime blue bells as far as the point where the stream crosses the path which marks the half way point. From then it is turn back down hill for a waiting breakfast, under now crystal clear skies.

I’m slightly disappointed to say that I saw no sheep today, not even sane ones! This isn’t surprising though as they usually stay high up on the mountains where there are less roads and they don’t get scolded for eating people’s gardens, only coming down when the weather is bad. So much so, that in bringing them in for the winter many of the older farmers are not overly concerned about stranglers. “Not to worry Ci Gwyn [The White Sheepdog i.e. the snow] will bring them down”. This lovely little anecdote of people and landscape, weather, animals and above all care seems like and appropriate point to leave it for today.

Peace all 🙂


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