Day 116 mile 116: Runners and Riders

11Day 116 mile 116: Runners and Riders. Thus far this year chances have conspired to mean that I have had to drive rather than ride to work, today the stars have aligned and I can revel in better fuel economy and approximately one thousand times more fun on the commute. One drawback to this is that I can’t just stop off and go for a run; personally I don’t relish the thought of riding at 70mph(ish) in shorts and a t-shirt! The other handy thing about a car is that you can get changed in it, find a secluded spot swap shirt and trousers and off you go, you just can’t get away with standing next to a bike in the station car park in your underpants in quite the same way! Also, there is snow on the hills so it is too cold for that sort of silliness.

As a result I have got changed at work and gone out for a lunchtime run. The weather is great today, if a little cold due to the largely clear sky and the moderate but needling wind coming down from an area of arctic high pressure which has drifted down into the North Atlantic.


I started under the Memorial Arch in Bangor, a sandstone monument built in 1923 and dedicated over 8,500 soldiers, sailors, and airmen from North Wales of North Wales who fell in the Great War. It is highly likely (although it was not open to go and check) that some of those who fell will have done so 100 years ago today. From there my route pulled up along the gradual incline towards the glowing sun, squaring its way across the dry paving slabs towards the colder escarpment of the station. From there it was a swift turn downhill skirting past garages and gas bottles and the brightly painted signage of the Chinese restaurant.

From there the route turned hard right under the eclipse of the railway bridge where all was dark, damp drip-mossing from condensation soaked girders with the sounds of the traffic reverberating on the flat mineral surfaces to the left right, above and below.

Then it was out again into the sunlight, past houses and hedges and wrought iron railings in need of a painter’s brush, until finally coming to the red Cheshire stone of St. David’s Church. From there it was a simple case of turn around and retrace my steps, en-route to lunch.

I’ve now just got to make sure my legs recover enough and don’t cease up, to be able to confidently ride home later!

Thanks as ever for all the support, especially who the people who have given words of encouragement, and sponsor money face to face 🙂


I’m running a mile each day everyday for 2017. If you feel you can sponsor me please do, as all the money raised will go to the Cleft Lip & Palate Association (CLAPA) who provide services all across the UK to support people affected by it.

Distance: 2005.7 meters recorded

(1 mile = 1609.34 m.)
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