Day 80 mile 80: Hg(80)

mercDay 80 mile 80: Hg(80). It’s day 80 and in a bid to find different challenges/routes to work into the 1 mile a day I’m running for this year I tried to recall if 80 had any special significance that I could work in.

It turns out that mercury has the atomic number of 80 and, given that Wales has such a rich history of mining I wondered if I could find any deposits, and work out a route around this. It turns out that mercury is only usually found in cinnabar ores and that sadly only two occurrences of cinnabar are known from Wales  one from the Bwlch-glas Mine in the Central Wales Ore-field and the other from South Wales both of which are too far away for such a whimsical expedition.

However all is not lost, it turns out village has its own stash of mercury albeit in a far more refined form  than cinnabar. ‘Glandwr’ was built in the 1850 by Robert Thomas. It is regarded as the first house erected in the Parish as a lodging-house to receive visitors. A lean-to against the east gable was a tap-room for a short period. But the house is best remembered as the residence of Dr. Robert Hughes who moved there from Conwy and made the lean-to his surgery. Set in the wall of his front garden was a mercury barometer. Various sources report him setting it every morning as part of the routine of going on his rounds.

It is quite a sizeable thing having a roughly 3ft collum of mercury and set into the wall so that its top is about 5ft up. It is still on public view just off the main crossroads of the village, having been moved there in 1903 following damage from a horse and cart belonging to the London & North Western Railway Company. It is one of the three memorials marking Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Year of 1887.

Thanks for all the support.


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Distance: 1949.1 meters recorded

(1 mile = 1609.34 m.)
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