Mile 35 Day 35: Conwy Parkrun

Mile 35 Day 35: Conwy Parkrun. The morning has brought clear skies and a temperature of around 2° it’s amazing out there, if a trifle chilly. So, having been asked by a friend if I was going I rocked up to Conwy Parkrun for its 5 km dash along the edge of the estuary. Its a spectacular place, bounded to the east and west by Silurian and Cambrian hills respectively and populated by a castle, nature reserve and one of the best small towns on earth.

Photo courtesy of SJ Photography.

It must be said that after the debacle of the Parkrun on 21st of Jan I made sure that the underpants had solid elastic in them!

Ok there were some deep puddles and on the return loop the low but strong sun got in the eyes and it was bitingly cold on the fingers, but as I drove home after I remember thinking that there was no where I would have rather been at that moment. I also realized that I did not think that at the time, and that stopping, getting warm and finding some sunglasses seemed a far better idea!

Anyway, off for a shower a cup of tea and to make sausage butties to share with some friends. Good times!

Thanks to all who have donated

Take care


Morning Run

Distance: 5015.6 meters recorded

(1 mile = 1609.34 m.)

Elapsed time: 30 minutes, 48 seconds
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