Day 26 Mile 26: Dark in the Park

fullsizerenderDay 26 Mile 26: Dark in the Park. Its 6:40am and there is frost on the ground. With a lot of things to do today this seems the only “sensible” way to get a run in, this includes potentially being dragged out for a curry at lunchtime which obviously could be disastrous! As a result I have kept it local and charged around Parc Plas Mawr.

The park (parc) itself comprises an old mansion and its grounds. The building has all but gone apart from the foundations which have been preserved and made into a feature. It was constructed by the Smiths of Pendyffryn in the first half of the 19th century, and Prime Minister William Gladstone stayed there at least seven times. In its heyday it must have been quite a place.

Back in the present, the lack of much meaningful lighting gave the whole thing a great sense of adventure. Yes there are a few lamp posts in the park, and yes, some of them work! Knowing this I took a head torch and assumed this would be fine. The flaw in this plan arises from the fact that I took the lazy option and grabbed the spare one from in the kitchen (rather than go through various rucksacks and bags at 06:30 to try and find the good one) and didn’t suspect that the batteries would be as sleepy as I was.

As a result I had a super-sensory run. Luckily I knew where I was going and could do quite a lot of it from a combination of memory, blind faith and feeling/listening to what was underfoot. Somehow I managed to stay on the path and amazingly avoid a branch/bramble across the face.

The Jackdaws were obviously waking up, chattering noisily to each other up in the tree tops, and the blackbirds were bouncing around pecking worms out of the frosted earth; flittering away squeaking as I shambled past. The stream was also oddly loud. It’s relatively empty of rainwater coming from the mountains at moment, which seems to expose the boulders in the river bed and create more perturbation as the water breaks around the rocks rather than flowing over them. Cygnus was still bright overhead as I got back home, although the Milky Way had now been washed in out in the dawn light. Overall an amazing experience and I didn’t fall over once!

Thank you so much to those who have donated since my last blog post it means a lot 🙂



Morning Run

Distance: 1759.9 meters recorded

(1 mile = 1609.34 m.)

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